Seeking Mr./Mrs. “Perfect” : Perfectionism in dating and relationships

In third grade I asked my mom to buy me a stack of lined notebooks and colored pens. I spent hours neatly labeling each notebook by class, date, and assignment deadlines. This was tiring but it was also a compulsion. I never let it get too hot. I played the good child, the loving daughter and sister, but my life was out of control. Thus began my long dance with perfectionism. In my twenties I tried to be a perfect girlfriend, perfect student, and perfect employee, all the while denying the expression of my full self, imperfections and all. Even when I dressed the part of the disaffected adolescent, I was perfect at it all the way down to my spiked hair and scuffed Doc Martins. At parties, I perfected the art of banter and hosted like no one else.

5 Ways Perfectionism Damages Romantic Relationships

Career come with job description, KPI and constant feedback from managers. Somehow, career is the easiest challenge for a Perfectionist. They are extremely responsible so they will work hard to meet all the deadlines.

Turn down the perfectionist in you to become more successful. to make a huge difference plus it gives you that leeway to tune up the details at a later date.

Marni Feuerman is a psychotherapist in private practice who has been helping couples with marital issues for more than 27 years. Criticism and arguments are obvious. But the problems go beyond your ranting and raving about the messy bathroom or his frustration that you insist on cleaning the entire kitchen before sitting down to watch T. Perfectionism makes it hard to share who you really are — especially your vulnerabilities and inadequacies.

When you are unable to share your whole self, it makes it difficult to connect deeply with your spouse and have a stable relationship. This helps train your mind to see the positives and it builds good feelings between the two of you. Step back and put things in perspective. Consider your values and what really matters to you.

Put your time and effort into the things that are most important to you. It feels disrespectful and condescending to insist that your way is the only right way. Emotionally healthy people treat themselves with grace and kindness. Take good care of your body and mind by lowering the pressure you put on yourself. Begin to replace negative thoughts with compassionate, forgiving messages.

How Being A Perfectionist Led Me To Lose A Perfectly Good Guy

It can make you unfairly judge yourself and others, and can cause a lot of problems. Decide on a few dealbreakers. Be reasonable. It never hurts to get advice from people who know and love you. Stop controlling everything.

or you might not, but I think it’s useful to discuss it to see how it’s affecting your relationships, especially in terms of your dating life. Get full show notes.

Perfectionism can lead you down a slippery slope, putting all sorts of weird filters on your perspective when it comes to women you go out with. Not a good look. To succeed as a couple, you need to give your partner the space and responsibility of ownership in the relationship. Otherwise, it could fall apart. So for the sake of your current dating life and future girlfriend!

Consider yourself warned…. The line between healthy confidence and perfectionism is tricky. You may have been raised to be a go-getter — to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Perfectionism, beliefs, and adjustment in dating relationships

Two studies examined the extent to which dimensions of perfectionism are associated with indices of relationship beliefs, behaviors, and dyadic adjustment. In Study 1, 69 students in dating relationships completed the Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale MPS and a multidimensional measure of relationship beliefs.

In addition, partici-pants completed self-report measures of positive and negative relationship behaviors, and global measures of liking and loving. In Study 2, 91 students in dating relation-ships completed a battery of measures including the MPS and scales assessing perfec-tionism cognitions and perfectionistic self presentation. They also completed mea-sures of dyadic adjustment and limerence i. Collectively, the findings indicated that individuals with high levels of self-oriented perfectionism and other-oriented perfectionism have stronger relationship beliefs in the areas of communication, trust, and support, suggesting that these perfec-tionists have high relationship standards in these particular areas.

These signs of perfectionism have nothing to do with being perfect. Studies link it to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and suicidal.

My marker slips, an unintentional line appears and my lip trembles. The picture has long since disappeared. But that feeling of deep frustration, even shame, stays with me. Falling short of a bigger goal, even when I know achieving it would be near-impossible, can temporarily flatten me. The negative drowned out the positive. In other words, the average college student last year was much more likely to have perfectionistic tendencies than a student in the s or early s.

He often destroyed paintings in a temper — including 15 meant to open an exhibition Credit: Getty. Perfectionism, after all, is an ultimately self-defeating way to move through the world. It is built on an excruciating irony: making, and admitting, mistakes is a necessary part of growing and learning and being human. It also makes you better at your career and relationships and life in general. By avoiding mistakes at any cost, a perfectionist can make it harder to reach their own lofty goals.

19 Perfectionists Share Their Dating Struggles

Is your perfectionist partner or family member driving you crazy? Perfectionists can be hard to live with. Read more about the classic traits of perfectionists here. However, with improved communication, compromise, and realistic expectations, it is possible to live happily with a perfectionist. Like many couples, Sam and Sara repeatedly have the same argument about housework.

Sara insists that the kitchen is cleaned religiously immediately following every meal.

Don’t Let Perfectionism Get in the Way of a Great Relationship. Be reasonable. It never hurts to get type from people who know and love you. Stop overcoming.

It can rob us of time with friends and family. Some perfectionists attempt to perfect their bodies with repeated surgeries or pursue athleticism to the point of injury. Severe perfectionism has also been linked to anorexia, depression, and even suicide. Perfection is an illusion existing only in the mind. Telling perfectionists they look beautiful or that their home or project is excellent is useless. Their image of how things should be bears little correlation to reality.

They will continue to find flaws and have difficulty find pleasure in compliments or satisfaction from their efforts. Perfectionists expect what is humanly impossible. Self-acceptance is a foreign concept. The thought of being average is horrifying and would mean being inferior, what they fear, but also what they actually believe. A negative reaction from someone overshadows positive feedback they receive. Dreading criticism, perfectionists fear exposing mistakes or a sloppy or inferior performance or appearance.

How to Live with a Perfectionist

The root of our perfectionism —the chicken or the egg—is hardly the point. Perfectionism becomes a sort of impossible perfectionism -plus. But for a poignant and very enjoyable commentary on the grim perils of Vogue-inspired perfectionism , you could do no better. Perfectionism , no less than isolationism or imperialism or power politics, may obstruct the paths to international peace.

Perfectionism : defining the term as referring to God’s righteousness, and not self-righteousness. We know it is a doctrine of perfectionism , but it is not a practicable doctrine, in our opinion.

As written by (you guessed it!) a perfectionist. Dating anyone can be a challenge, but a perfectionist can take things to a whole new level — for.

Dating a Perfectionist Make sure your partner really is a perfectionist. Tip Remember that because a perfectionist wants everything to be perfect, he may spend a lot of hours at work or school. It won’t mean that he doesn’t want to spend time with you, just that he can’t overcome his perfectionism to do so all of the time. Warning Perfectionists tend to be very negative people; it really takes a thick-skinned optimist to handle one.

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The Hurdle of Perfectionism