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Leveling up your friendship with her gives you a number of bonuses. You’ll be able to make more powerful Personas of the Priestess arcana and she’ll give you unique bonuses to your monster analysis ability in battle. Makoto joins your party as a combatant in Kaneshiro’s Bank, the game’s third palace dungeon. I didn’t unlock her as a confidant until after I finished the palace, which I recommend doing as quickly as possible so you have the maximum amount of time to build up your friendship before the next palace. Once you’re done with Kaneshiro’s Bank, head on up to the student council office next to the library on the third floor of your school. Makoto will be standing there, but she won’t have a “let’s hang out” icon above her head just yet. If you talk to her, she’ll mention that you need to keep up with your studies before you can hang out with her, which means you need to get your knowledge to the third level to start the relationship. Since final exams start not long after the Kaneshiro’s Bank deadline, you now have multiple excuses to build up your knowledge stat.

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I know about the whole valentine event where you get all out attacked by the girls you didn’t take with to Valentine’s, but what happens if you just date around girls? I’m wondering because I have my eye on makoto and takemi, and I was just curious on what happens. So win-win if you lie. Just saying, harem is the way to go. Now that this thread is here, I will take the chance to ask because I can’t find the answer anywhere.

Let’s say I date more than one, get the ass kicking valentine’s scene, what happens after that?

Personal is all about getting to know people, after all – and you’ll want to get There’s ten romanceable characters in Persona 5 Royal – up one on the raised the school counsellor confidant to level 8 before this date, too.

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Persona 5 Romance Guide – How to Romance Characters Ann, Makoto, Futaba

Persona 5 dating everyone While since we have been dating kawakami was already set around the consequences work to make relationships at once? This system follows the impact of posting a great relationships, hence the ultimate beatdown. No overlapping relationships, he. Still makes remarkable recovery after choosing to.

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It taught me not to date multiple girls prior to Valentine’s Day. Jokes aside, what impact did Social Links have on you as a person? Genuinely.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. In Persona 5, you’re able to date 9 different girls. However, after choosing to date one, the option still comes up for others. If I choose to date another, are there any consequences? Similar to Persona 4 but amplified due to more available women , everything will go just fine until Valentine’s Day.

After choosing to spend time with a girl, the others will all show up the next day, beat you up, then dump you. The most extreme case of this can be seen in this video , where the player is confronted by the 8 women he ignored on Valentine’s Day. This has no bearing on the plot or your Social Links in that playthrough and you’ll still keep the chocolate from the girl you chose to spend time with on Valentine’s Day, as mentioned by a couple people in this thread :.

You don’t lose your max confidant items [

consequences of dating multiple girls at a time?

Don’t worry, however – there’s no chance players will miss any of the decisions they need to make as long as they follow these guidelines. It’s actually possible to miss the third semester entirely if the player makes a few bad choices. The first thing players need to do is refuse to sell out any of the Phantom Thieves while talking to Sae Nijimia on November Another thing players will need to make sure of is getting their Takuto Maruki Councillor confidant ranking all the way up to Level 9 before November

Persona 5 dating everyone. While since we have been dating kawakami was already set around the consequences work to make relationships at once?

First, we have to understand the core of how the game works. Activities, like meeting with confidants or making tools move time to the next phase. Dungeons consume an entire day, outside of a confidant who has a skill to give you your evenings back later in the game. Palaces require a minimum of two days some require more and mementos is optional, but you should complete all requests and use it to level up so that when you approach the palace you can finish it in one run.

The game will have scripted events that also consume time. You have a calendar that will warn you of some, others are surprises. Confidants have lives and take time to meet with. You will have to meet with each confidant a minimum of ten days and some like temperance and moon have deadlines to max them out. Fortune and Temperance are two confidants that can give you more time to do other things in the game. There are achievements related to fishing, reading and video games and other activities as well that take time and provide very little benefit to you for that time consumed.

Using a save file to get the achievement start at the beginning of a mission will allow you to get the achievement and not waste time on your walkthrough for talking with confidants. Constantly work on leveling up confidants. If no confidants are available, work on leveling up social stats.

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So in the original game dating multiple girls at once didn’t really have any consequences, I’m wondering if Golden had changed that, I know some scenes play out differently if you have multiple girls on the go but are there any repercussions to it this time around? Like you getting dumped or something? If you’re the type to get invested in and care about the characters Valentine’s day will make you feel like a horrible person.

There are no “real” repercussions, like broken links or gameplay changes, though. Just the game calling you an ass fully voice acted don’t you know and kinda souring the endgame a little bit, since after Valentine’s it skips straight to the day you leave.

It’s a question that everyone has pondered at least once in their lifetime (and for many, over a hundred times). While some sightings might seem.

The game features a variety of different options for you to seek, and they take different requirements. Make sure you meet those requirements to meet them and to continue a relationship with them. Ann Takamaki is one of the teammates you recruit as you progress through the game. After opening her social link, you can locate her at the Shibuya Underground Mall throughout any of the days.

She requires you to have a level 2 kindness, and if you meet that requirement, all you have to do is spend enough time with her during the campaign, and you will receive the option to pursue a relationship with her. Futaba Sakura is another teammate you unlock after you progress through the game naturally. You can find her outside of the Cafe Leblanc throughout the days after you unlock her social link. She requires you to have a level 4 kindness level, and if you meet this, you can hang out with her enough times to share a romantic relationship with her.

When she unlocks, and you unlock her social link, you can typically locate her on the school rooftop during your free time. She requires you to have a level 5 proficiency level, and if you meet this requirement, you can hang out with her on enough occasions to develop a relationship. She joins your team by naturally playing through the game, and you need to reach her confidant to rank 5. If you can do this and keep her confidant rank high, you can explore a romantic relationship with her in the new semester.

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In this Persona 5 Romance guide , we’ll be walking you through the correct steps to take and answers to choose in order to sway various characters in the game, including Ann, Futaba, Makoto, and more. A Persona 5 Romance can only be initiated once you’ve built up your Social Link with a character, but we’ll cover all that and more throughout the guide below. It should be noted that you can enter into a Persona 5 romantic relationship with more than one character, but this isn’t recommended as it can lead to some pretty bad consequences.

I know about the whole valentine event where you get all out attacked by the girls you didn’t take with to Valentine’s, but what happens if you just date around

Each is a confidant, and each can be given gifts and hung out with to enhance your relationship. It is totally possible to pursue more than one romantic relationship at once. Get too greedy and you could end up with nobody! These characters are people you hang out with who represent one of the Arcana that you use in the crafting, creation and leveling up of Persona. Boosting your relationship with a confidant will in turn grant bonus EXP when you fuse a Persona of their associated Arcana, but roughly half of the 10 levels of friendship for each will also bestow additional bonuses.

A confidant with your teacher will allow you to slack off in class and perform other tasks on school time, for instance, while a cooperation with a doctor will give you a discount on medical gear to be used to heal up midway through dungeons. All you need to do to romance a character is get involved with their confidant cooperation relationship and get to know them. As you rank up from the starting rank of 1 to the final rank of 10, an option to pursue a more-than-friends relationship will open up — usually around rank 8.

There are three keys to leveling up a confidant quickly to get to the romance sooner: first, always carry a Persona of the arcana they represent with you when hanging out with your planned love, as it boosts how quickly your relationship advances. Below, we list all the characters you can romance and how to get their confidant relationship started. Persona 5. Enable JavaScript to sign up to our newsletter. Games featured in this article Persona 5 Guides News.

‘Persona 5’ confidants and romance guide: Here’s who to hang with

Persona 5 has you living the life of an ordinary student by day, which means you have to go to class, answer questions, and do exams. The full Personal 5 answers list, along with the text of the questions can also be found below the cheat sheet. Answering questions correctly will increase your Knowledge by one point. You will also gain Knowledge points if you do well on your exams. We have also listed the minimum required Knowledge rank to get above the class average in the spreadsheet below.

The following cheat sheet contains every answer to questions asked during classes, midterms, and final exams in Persona 5.

Persona 5 Royal enhances top-of-the-line Japanese RPGs of this console pentagon/hexagon/and so forth that would upset everyone concerned. the college counsellor confidant to stage Eight earlier than this date, too.

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